FTN AquaArt

About us

FTN AquaArt plans and builds indoor recirculating aquaculture systems worldwide. Our energy efficient, all in one solution includes the fish and facility engineering. Furthermore, FTN AquaArt produces and delivers fish for stocking and an education for fish farmers. The customer gets from a single source a customized solution – from the planning to the realization and continous professional support.



Lukas Schneeberger
Expert Aquaculture

+41 (0)76 355 78 32

John Briege
MSc Fish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Hatchery Manager
+41 (0)79 711 24 98

Sandra Eich
lic. oec. publ.

Back Office
+41 (0)44 545 54 88

Our daughter firm Anapartners is running a hatchery and fish farm in Prague. From here we deliver our stocking fish and provide fresh fish to the best restaurants in Prague. New facility components and fish species are tested here as well. Furthermore, you can make an internship in aquaculture at Anapartners.


Klinova AG is specialized in the planning and construction of energy efficient and sustainable facilities in the field of heating, air-condition, climate and sanitary technology. Together with FTN AquaArt, the fish farm will be looked at from an energy-efficiency point of view and a customized solution for the specific project will be developed. Therefore, you get from a single source a fish- and technical engineering all-round solution.